Zaffiro 1


  • 22 m²

Zaffiro is in the "Farmer's House", next to the main house. Located on the upper floor, it can also be reached by lift. Nomen-omen, for this room, which has the perfect definition of its atmosphere in its name: blue like the furnishing fabrics, blue like the bathroom, blue like the sky. One of the most pleasant accommodations in the Borgo, in the Zaffiro there are many reasons to feel happy. From the large window, which opens to the full height, the view is relaxing and grandiose: first the branches of the large cedar reach us like an embrace, then the swimming pool and finally the Monferrato hills: a bucolic harmony that combines relaxation and joy.

Inside there is "controlled" luxury, a mix of refinement in the periwinkle shantung fabrics of the curtains and decorating the headboard of the bed, and a shabby touch in the pickled wood of the wardrobe and the bedside table, which rises from the ground with a capricious curl, with a reinterpreted baroque scent. And it is still blue, which returns in the bathroom, sumptuous and particular, where you can spend moments of complete well-being and relaxation. The glass wall that connects the space of the bathtub with the bedroom is mischievous: by candlelight, in total quiet, it is the moment of intimacy and well-being, of promises and magic. We dedicate this room Blue, seductive and mysterious, is the color of emotional bonds, of quiet, of depth and of infinity: Zaffiro is for meditative souls, who appreciate the beauty of life in every moment.

It would have been appreciated by... Yves Klein, a visionary and brilliant French artist, who theorized blue as an essential and perfect color. Its IKB 191 is the shade created by Klein and defined as "the most perfect expression of blue".

  • Garden view
  • Pool View
  • Non-smoking
  • Air conditioning
  • Hairdryer
  • Direct dial telephone
  • Minibar
  • Safe
  • Desk
  • LCD TV
  • Internet
  • Pool towels
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