Old China 1

Old China

  • 23 m²

Outside, the room number is on the ground, on the mezzanine floor, sealed in grit that is like embroidery: 1 is the number of the Deluxe Ancient China Room. It is perhaps the most bizarre environment of the Country House, the Antica Cina Suite, and testifies to the difficulty and originality of adapting the ancient structure to new needs. You can feel that the room is close to the Tower: the shapes explode in unpredictable geometries, there are curved walls, broken corners. There is no headboard for the large bed: the beauty is in the white concave wall that embraces the king-size bed and requires no other decoration.

Only a candy-shaped pillow harmonizes the straight line of the bed with the delicate curve of the wall. Above, a small irregular triangle window is a chiaroscuro. A small fireplace inserted into the convex wall in front of the bed creates an atmosphere of intimate intimacy, and the floor, in intense green and gold resin, is sumptuous and unique. After climbing three steps, the bathroom is accessed by a luxurious frosted glass door, and we find green and gold once again dominant. The floor is also here in dark green and gold resin, laid with a noticeably embossed and irregular technique that gives an apparent sense of relief.

The walls have small mosaics in the same colors. The wall behind the small square mirrors is ambitious: we recognize the concave one in the bedroom, and we also explain the triangular opening: a dialogue between soft lines and broken lines. But let's go back to the bedroom, where an antique Chinese console in dark wood signs the room. From the French window we see the small church of San Giorgio, and the profile of the Monferrato hills on the horizon. The ogee window reminds us of the origins of the house and the neo-Gothic style of this wing. We dedicate this room dreamers, to the imaginative, to travelers, and to those who - even in life - are not satisfied with "linear geometries".

Ancient China would be appreciated by... the writer Jan-Philipp Sendker. In his novels we often find characters who divide their interests and hearts between Western rationality and a strong attraction to Eastern culture. We invite him to visit us...

  • Garden view
  • Non-smoking
  • Air conditioning
  • Hairdryer
  • Direct dial telephone
  • Minibar
  • Safe
  • Desk
  • LCD TV
  • Internet
  • Pool towels
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