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  • 27 m²

Outside, the room number is on the ground, in the mezzanine floor, sealed in the grit that is like embroidery: 2 is the number of the Deluxe Garden room. A sense of freshness, quiet, and even a bit of disorientation is felt in this room: we are no longer sure that we have left the flower garden - which we also see from the windows, and we still seem to breathe the fragrances of the medicinal herbs of the garden or the scent of freshly cut grass. Everything recalls nature and a slightly vintage and slightly shabby chic sense is perceived in every furnishing object.

The floor is in natural gray stone laid ad opus incertum, with a large gap of intense green resin that recalls the freshness of the grass that creeps between the stones. We find a cast iron garden sink that decorates the wall adjacent to the bathroom - also in opus incertum and resin - various small wrought iron objects, the headboards of the bed are made of metal, as are the chairs of metal, which would be perfect in a painting by Sorolla: a brilliant, impressionistic, luminous painting.

Looking at the ceiling, we see a beautiful cross vault, plastered in delicate colors and embellished with country paintings which once again take us back to the root, to the vocation of the ancient residence: work in the fields, ears of wheat and leaves, tools for harvest, a rake, a straw hat; in another "picture" two doves, in another a cradle protected by a pergola of vine shoots.

It is precisely the sense of nature, peace, love that wins here. Two large windows look out over the large courtyard, the Atlantic Cedar, the wisteria, the swimming pool, and beyond to the gentle contours of the Monferrato hills. Vaguely retro, pleasantly country, this room is ideal for a "gentle" interlude, a break from the worries and clamor of everyday life. We dedicate this room tender hearts, to those who appreciate a reassuring and slightly nostalgic style, which smells of history, of home traditions, of flower fragrances and the scent of apple tart rising from the kitchen.

The Garden Room would be appreciated by the writer and traveler Paolo Rumiz. He will not find traces of Hannibal, in this Piedmontese west, the profiles of the mountains are distant, even the echoes of the great events are distant. We think of him because here he could not help but fall in love with the countryside, with its silences, with the landscapes like scenes that intersperse on the horizon. It would be a discovery for him, a place to find new inspiration and who knows, to bring back intertwined and hidden, forgotten stories. We invite him to visit us.

  • Garden view
  • Pool View
  • Non-smoking
  • Air conditioning
  • Hairdryer
  • Direct dial telephone
  • Minibar
  • Safe
  • Desk
  • LCD TV
  • Internet
  • Pool towels
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