By bicycle along the Po and Orba river park 1

By bicycle along the Po and Orba river park

The Po cycle route consists of a main route along the left side of the Po river, and many secondary itineraries that allow you to reach places of great historical and naturalistic interest both on the plain and on the hills on the right side, in an history rich area rich, from the Rocca di Verrua Savoia to Lomellina.

In Casale Monferrato the main cycle move to the right side of the river, where the more natural and wild face of Po river is gradually discovered. Here the river, fed by the waters of Sesia, Tanaro and Scrivia, shapes large gravels, islands and oxbow lakes that favor the presence of many species of birds, first and foremost herons, ducks and cormorants, but also the more elusive great-eyes and small waders.

Along the entire cycle route there are panels for in-depth analysis and interpretation of the landscape, marked by the "T" symbols on a blue field.

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